Without.....Waking Up Even Earlier or Staying Up Too Late 
Drinking More Coffee 

Feeling Stressed And Overburdened? It's Not Your Fault, And You Can't Just Try Harder Or Download A New Scheduler App. It's Time You Take A Whole New Approach To Self-Care, So You Can Take Back Your Time And Energy!



If it's been hard adapting 
to a new normal, you're not alone

can help you through the fighting, tears and tough conversations.

Moms Who Feel 
Agitated, Spun Out & Faded Are Caught In The 
Wash, Rinse Repeat Cycle 
of The Mother-Load!

like Other Moms, 
These May Be Part Of Your Daily Experience...
  • ​Tired All The Freakin' Time, Literally 24/7
  • ​Crushed By The Weight Of Stress And Overwhelm
  • ​Sick Of Listening To The Tyrant In Your Head That Says Just Work Harder, Get Up Earlier...Go, Go, Go!
  • Helpless To Change Things
  • No Energy To Fix Yourself Up, And The Worst Part, You Don't Care
  • ​Resentful About All You Have To Do All Day, Every Day
  • ​Get Angry Or Defensive A Lot With Your Partner
  • ​ Filled The "Mom Manager" Position Without Having Applied For The Job
  • ​Feeling Guilty For Wanting To Scream A Big, Fat "NO!"
  • ​Forget Everything Or Have Trouble Concentrating
  • ​Have A Little To Non-Existent Libido
  • ​Get Irritated By The Littlest Things
  • ​Things You Once Enjoyed And Felt Such A Passion For Feel Like A Sad, Faded Memory
  • ​Deal With Chronic Headaches, Digestive Issues, Backaches And Pre-menstral Symptoms On A Regular Basis

Wow!...73% of moms polled said that making more time for herself and delegating would help her find some much needed balance.

Life Balance? Come On....You're Not A Gymnast? 

Well, you actually might be, but's that's not the point. Motherhood is like a Jenga game. You can balance to a point, but when you stack on too many blocks, eventually everything topples over. And, quite frankly, balance for many moms means 
Balancing It All!
In a recent study, 85% of moms polled said they don't feel supported. Not by their families or by society.
This is one of the reasons modern-motherhood is so frustrating!

It's heartbreaking. Modern mothers are drowning in stress and overwhelm. It's a symptom of a society that hasn't made the well-being of mothers a top priority.
In an other study, 62% of moms say they handle all the dirty work, laundry, shopping, etc. 
It's not a moms fault, it's unrealistic standards and expectations. 

Moms spend on average of 15 hours a week more doing domestic labor. There's never enough time in the day to get everything done, let alone carve out some precious, personal time.

Who Am I 
And Why Did I Create 

I'm Lorie Solay.
An Award-Winning Coach 
& Mompreneur

The Mother-Load Broke Me Into Tiny, Painful Pieces

Back in 2008, I had a breakdown. Some people call it a dark night of the soul. I would call it my dark, dreadful decade of the soul. My husband and I were having serious relationship issues, we had two young kids, we had a family health crisis to deal with, and I witnessed a unspeakable tragedy in our neighborhood. I'll spare you the gory details. The last ingredient, in the toxic elixir, was we were on the brink of financial ruin, due to the 2008 recession. 

I felt like I was barely holding on by the tips of my finger nails, while the seams of my sanity were unraveling by the minute. What eventually happened was I collapsed. When I say collapsed I mean, can't get off the couch, barely any energy to walk to the kitchen and back. I completely went dark. I had a mental, emotional and physical breakdown that took me on a scary ride aboard a freight train careening out of control. I was on that train for about 4 years.  

I Was Feeling So Guilty That 
I Was Missing My Kids 
Growing Up!

I missed so much and felt so guilty about it. Why couldn't I just keep going, dig down and find some more energy. I used to be able to do it. I could burn the candle at both ends. Stay up all hours of the night working on projects: cleaning, painting rooms, organizing bills, you name it.

I went to tons of doctors, ran lots of test. One night, I got freaked out about some symptoms I was having and drove myself to the Emergency Room. The only possible causes that anyone could offer me was digestive issues like Irritable Bowl Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue. 
My body rebelled against me, or that's what I thought at the time. It actually saved my life. I HAD to stop. I couldn't do anything else. 
That's when I realized the reckoning that was facing me square in the face, and wouldn't let me turn away. It was time I made some major changes.

First, I had to find myself again. I had to find the real me. The me that loved life, that loved creating things, that loved my kids, my husband, loved skating, my friends and being in nature. 

What I Didn't Love Was How I Sacrificed My Energy And Time To People And Things That Didn't Matter

I realized that I use to placed so much importance and spent so much time on things that weren't aligned with my values, beliefs and personal goals. And that some of my goals and values weren't really mine. I had to run a full system diagnostic on all the programs (beliefs) that were running my life.

Another excruciatingly painful realization......I didn't love how I mistreated my body. I didn't listen to her, and she had been screaming, crying and pleading for help. I just kept running on adrenaline, a more male-centric model of constant action & competitiveness that was way out of alignment. I finally started to realize that I'm a woman (that sounds funny, but true) and women do things differently. 

Women Have Their 
Own Unique
 Gifts And Strengths 

Did I Mention I'm A Mompreneur?
I'm driven, passionate and a go-getter. Truth be told, maybe even a little obsessive...

But I knew I had to 
make some serious changes 
I couldn't run on adrenaline anymore. 

So...I made a commitment to myself. I started listening to my body, made different choices, and slowly started to recover. 

After I healed, I thought back on how 
my intuition had guided me. I remembered the steps I took to make it through something that literally almost took 
me out. 

And this, dear momma, 
Is The Reason WHY I Created This Program Just For You!

The Mother-Load 
Dumped  Some Big, Fat 
Warning Signs On Me

Tell Me If You Can Relate?

Physical Health
STRESS ON A MOM'S PHYSICAL HEALTH. Science has been proving that 90% of disease is caused from stress. When the Mother-Load has tapped you out, exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed you, a flood of stress hormones wreak all kinds of havoc in your body. 

You May Experiencing:

  • Chronic Headaches
  • Difficultly Sleeping Or Staying Asleep
  • Digestive Issues
  • ​Significant Weight Gain Or Loss
  • ​Reduced Libido
  • ​Weakened Immune System
  • ​Nauseous Or Dizzy
Emotional Health
Stress, exhaustion and overwhelmed makes you emotionally unavailable to your family, friends and especially your kids. All they experience is a hollow shell of a mom, because you've got nothing to give. You're striped of your joy, your playfulness, your spirit. 

You May Be Feeling:
  • On Edge And Irritable And Anxious
  • Defensive And Quick To Anger
  • Depressed
  • ​Lonely Or Isolated
  • ​Fear Of Failure
  • ​Apathy
Mental Health
STRESS ON A MOM'S MENTAL HEALTH. Many moms put all of their passion projects, personal and professional goals on the back, back back burner. They just don't have the time or the energy after they've taken care of all responsibilities. (A mom's to-do list would seriously wear out 10 people trying to complete what she does in one day....just sayin') For many moms, the work load is disproportionately leveled on her. 

You May Be Noticing:

  • Trouble Concentrating 
  • Forgetfulness
  • Negative Thinking Or Dwelling On Negative Thoughts
  • ​Racing Thoughts
  • ​Poor Judgement
  • ​Lack Of Creativity 
  • ​Poor Performance

Remember Momma, 
It's Not Your Fault!

Things Can Definitely Change AND 
I'm Here To Help You

Can You See Me? 
I'm The One Waving The Flashlight  At The End OF The Tunnel For You ;-)


 Have More Hours In The Week For Yourself & The Things You Love
Confidently Speak Up For Yourself
Feel Guilt Free About Protecting 
Your Time And Energy
​Become The Queen Of Delegation
Feel Worthy Of 
Self-Care & Self-Love
Have Time And Energy Back In 
Your Day To Do Whatever You Want
Set Clear Boundaries and  
Easily Say "No"  
Stop The Fighting, Tears And Drama

No....really, I mean it! 
STOP and PAUSE for a moment to imagine into the near future and a future you with 
a new attitude

The Self-Care Project 
For Moms Program
Will Help You Gain New Skills To Create That Future You With A New Attitude
Wasting Precious Time...

  • Just 15 minutes a day helps you with solutions for real, lasting changes
  • Organized, efficient and easy to follow modules keeps your eye on the prize 
  • Exercise templates are quick and simple and get you into practices immediately to create new habits
  • Program builds upon itself and blends all the training, so that you "get it" to your core. 
  • ​It's not fluff or flimsy. It's solid and full of value that brings real change to your life
  • ​You get to go at your own pace
Wasting Money....

  • High-end coaching for a super-affordable price, making it accessible for every mom. 
  • By investing in this flexible self-study program, you save hundreds of dollars you would have spent on in-person coaching
Boring Content...

  • Beautifully designed video courses and companion workbooks make them fun and enjoyable to dive into. You'll look forward to using them.
  • Classes are infused with humor, levity and inspiration. It's so much easier to learn when you're laughing and having some fun.

Remember, 73% Of Moms Polled Knew That 
Self-Care And Delegation 
Would Give Them More 
Life-Balance And Freedom!

I've Shared My Story 
AND NOW...Before I Share My Program, 
I want You To Know This Is Really About You. 
It's About The Incredible Changes You Can 
Make Once
You've Finally Decided 
It's Time!

I'm Proud To Introduce You To The...

Self-Care Project 
For Moms Program

Starting With The Serenity Series Guided Meditation Audio Bundle

Get This 
Mother-Approved Serenity Series Guided Meditation Audio Bundle For Some 
Sweet Relief!


Everybody's lovin' audios these days. Podcasts, audio books.....and the latest trend is accessing the power of audio meditations. Wellness apps like HEADSPACE & CALM have created a meditation revolution, because meditation audios have huge benefits. 

Why My Guided Imagery Audio Meditations Are Special

I bring a decade's worth of experience and success in the art of language, vocal tone, metaphor and visualization. These are the coveted hypnotherapy skills I use to create personalized experiences. 
You're getting the tremendous benefits of my award-winning coaching  methods and expertise.

Why It Matters

My Serenity Series Ahhhhdios tap into your own, unique subconscious resources and experiences to give you the best results. Plus, the topics are especially supportive for moms who need some extra love, nurturing and lightening-fast mental and emotional resets. 
Rest, Restore And Rejuvenate Yourself.
You'll be guided to visualize and feel into a more healthy, rejuvenated, vibrate you. You'll help your mind and body focus on getting better and better everyday. 
Get Centered!
You'll learn how to use your powerful imagination to visualize grounding down to feel more calm and collected. This is a great reset that can be done several times a day. Kids love it, too. 
Stressed And Anxious Most Days?
This one is great for busy people, because you're guided to release 
the experience of stress in your body 
to get a mental, emotional and physical reset. 
Only Got A Hot Minute? 
This is you're mini reset giving you a quick 5 minute turn-around when you're feeling the pressure and build-up from stress.
Ready To Walk Away? 
You can get some mental and emotional distance from a crappy 
day, person or experience. This Psychological Distance exercise will help you unhook, so you can gain a fresh perspective. You'll learn how to re-frame your mind through your body. This tool is based in somatic psychology and is a must-have mental mastery tool to have in your self-care toolkit. 
Wanna Keep Moving Forward? 
You'll learn how to use the powerful symbol of the rear view mirror and your imagination to shift your perspective. It's great for things you're ready to let go of. Another great tool for your mental mastery toolkit.  
It's Your Turn To Receive.
For once, you get a story read to you. STORY #1: In this special audio, I read one of my favorite kid's book to you, dear mother. Get snugged up with your favorite blanket and delicious drink and relax as I read you this charming story. 
Sunrise Sequence.
Wake up on the right side of the bed. Listen as you're getting up in the morning. It'll help you set high-vibe energy for the day. It taps into your attention and intention, great companion audio for all the transformational exercises you'll be learning in the program. 
Give Yourself Permission To Receive.
STORY #2: One more very special audio where I read another favorite kid's book to you. Get all cozy with your favorite blanket and delicious drink and relax......even drift off, as I read you this heart-warming story. 

You Get 9 Ahhhhdios 
For Daily Support
And Now.....


Skills and daily rituals to take back your power to create the life you've got pasted all over your vision board.

Here's What's Inside:
  • 21 Day Claim Your Power Journal
  • ​Claim Your Power Declaration 
  • ​Female Archetypes Blueprint
  • ​5 Personal Wellness Strategies
  • ​Power of prayer/Loving Kindness Meditation Template
  • ​Power of Journaling
  • ​Video/Audio training modules guides you through the concepts, exercises and templates workbook
  • Companion workbook (Printable)


Ahhhh, it's blissful creating time to rest and relax. This coaching module will guide you through a variety of sumptous self-care recipes, routines and solutions to help your rest, restore and rejuvenate you mind, body and spirit.

 Here's What's Inside:
  • Stress Management 101
  • ​Grounding Exercises
  • 8 Spiritual Self-Care Practices
  • ​Kick-Start Self-Care 31 Framework
  • ​Self-Care Recipes Printable Cards
  • ​Building Resilience & Emotional Awareness Journal Entry
  • ​BEING-O Self-Care Game
  • ​Relax & Color Adult Coloring Template
  • ​Video/Audio training modules guides you through the concepts, exercises and templates workbook
  • ​Companion workbook (Printable)


This training is probably the most important concept you'll learn to get back your time and energy. Remember, 73% of moms polled said delegation was key to their sanity. There was also that poll that showed moms do 15 hours more a week in domestic labor. Boundaries, my friend. You need boundaries. 

Here's What's Inside:
  • Identifying Boundaries
  • ​Three Types of Boundaries
  • ​5 Boundaries You Need
  • ​Boundary Violation Exercise
  • ​Queen of Delegation 
  • ​How to Negotiate Template
  • ​Family Summit Template
  • ​Job Description & Checklist
  • ​Family Weekly Cleaning List
  • ​"Quiet Please" Door Hanger so you can take a Time Out
  • ​Video/Audio training modules guides you through the concepts, exercises and templates workbook
  • Companion workbook (Printable)


Drama and difficult relationships are the usual suspects that cause undo stress in your life. In this coaching module, you'll learn how you've been caught in the drama triangle and what to do about it. Learn how to remove yourself from the fighting, tears and difficult conversations. 

 Here's What's Inside:
  • Drama Triangle
  • ​How to Stop the Drama
  • ​10 Conflict Resolutions Skills
  • ​Learning Emotional Validation Technique
  • ​How to Make a Sincere Apology Template
  • Video/Audio training modules guides you through the concepts, exercises and templates workbook
  • Companion workbook (Printable)


You gotta have a map if you want to 
get where you're going. This coaching module helps you to discover your values and beliefs, so that you can make better choices that are aligned with your life, based on what you value and hold dear.

Here's What's Inside:
  • Values & Beliefs Finder
  • ​Major Life Domain Map
  • ​Elimination Diet Decoder
  • ​Words Create Worlds Template
  • High-Vibe Words Cheat Sheet
  • ​Personal A-List Framework
  • ​Personal Declaration Template
  • ​Video/Audio Training Guides You Through The Concepts, Exercises, Templates And Workbooks
  • ​Digital Companion Workbook


This is your first class and will help you get the most out of this program. 

Here's What's Covered:
  • Pillars of Self-Care and Why They Matter
  • ​Outsmarting Stress: Start Here First
  • ​Understanding Your Nervous System
  • ​Stress & Anxiety 101
  • ​Coaching video/audio guiding you through the training 

You Get The Serenity Series, Which Includes 9 Guided Meditation Audios...


For A Super-Affordable Introductory Price

Get Two Guilt-Free Hours A Week To Do Whatever You Want?
​Easily Speak Up For Your Wants And Needs?
​Become The Queen Of Delegation?
​Enjoy Drama-Free Relationships?
​​Recognize Your Own Worth And Give Yourself Permission To Relax?

Working Moms Who Are Juggling Their Career And Family Life. This Program Can Help You Deal With Guilt And Overwhelm.

Mompreneurs Who Are Running Their Own Business, Managing Their Family And Household. This Program Can Help You Create Boundaries, Create Solid Self-Care Routines And Tap Into A Success Mindset.

 Stay-At-Home Moms Who Feel They've Lost Their Identity And Feel Alone And Exhausted. This Program Can Help You Build A Stronger Sense Of Self And Give Yourself Permission To Nurture And Care For Yourself.

To Be Honest....All The Solutions 
In This Program Can Be Mixed And Matched For Any Mom Who Wants More Freedom From The MOTHER-LOAD!

STEP 1 - Purchase Your Digital Self-Care Project For Moms Program Today

STEP 2 - Immediately Check Your Inbox For Login Info To Get INSTANT ACCESS So You Can Jump In And Get Started Today

​STEP 3 - Dive Into The Module That You Need Right Now

STEP 4 - Learn And Apply Your New Skills To Get Real Results Today, So You Can Have Those 2 Extra Hours A Week All To Yourself And....So Much More!

Self-Care Project For Moms Program

Here's The Whole 

Self-Care Project For Moms Program

"It's the next best thing to having Lorie as your personal coach!" 
Samantha S. 
  • Bonus: Serenity Series Audio Bundle (Value $197) 
  • Bonus: Claim Your Power Bundle (Value $117) 
  • Bonus: Comfort Zone Bundle  (Value $117) 
  • ​Bonus: Boundary Mastery Bundle (Value $117)
  • Bonus Freedom Drama Bundle (Value $117)
  • Bonus: Your A-List Bundle       (Value $117)  
  • ​Bonus: Pillars Of Self-Care Training  (Value $117) 
Total Value For The Serenity Series AND Bonus Coaching Modules ($899.00) 

Now Only $47.00
~Price Goes Up Dec. 31st, 2020~
“Lorie is SO skilled at her work. She brings compassion, intelligence, deep curiosity, and care to her sessions and is truly passionate about enabling and supporting healing in her patients. “I was recently connected with Lorie and while I had no knowledge of hypnotherapy, Lorie's kind and radiant personality was enough to convince me to try a session with her. As someone with a strong background in neuroscience and bio-medicine, I was delighted to discover that Lorie has a passion for understanding and explaining the science behind her work.” 
- Janet Thomson

“I feel like I get a brain reset and an attitude reset into more positivity when I see her. It's powerful work! I recommend Lorie to anyone who wants to create positive action in their life.” 
- Lee Richter
“Lorie is just brilliant at what she does. I have a lot on my plate (as do most people:-) and I get overwhelmed easily. Lorie teaches me ways to relax and bring myself to a place where I am calm. By using her techniques, I feel clear-headed and focused.. and much happier. It's such a blessing to have her in my life.” 
- Dhira Kosla
“I’m a mom of two kids and found myself moody and irritated at them all the time. I knew I needed help when I started crying over things that were no big deal. I felt overwhelmed and stressed out. I was referred to Lorie by a friend, so I reached out to her for some support to make some much need changes. Lorie helped me to identify where I was giving too much of myself, and how to set some boundaries. She also helped me to quickly calm myself down by teaching me simple, fun, creative ways to reset my nervous system. I’m sleeping better and my family says I’m more fun to be around. One more thing, Lorie always over delivered and emailed me articles and resources that she thought I would enjoy. I really liked that about her.
- Shirley Terrel
“Wow, I didn't know what I didn't know. Lorie's coaching helped me recognize where I was losing energy. I had no idea how to set boundaries with family, friends and colleagues. I didn't realize that I had porous boundaries. Just learning how to recognize boundary violations was a huge revelation. This exercise alone helped me stop bad behavior. Every day, I'd set aside about 20 minutes to review classes and use her gorgeous journal templates and exercises. She's right, what you focus on you get more of, because when I've took just 20 minutes a day to invest in myself, I've experienced positive changes in my life. My family is getting used to the new me and helping more. Wow, just wow!"
- Sasha Roads
"Lorie is the amazing mindset and NLP coach who was a game-changer for me. She helped me identify my emotional triggers, helped me realize unhelpful patterns, and helped me reassess the roles I was playing in life. And create new and better ones that have been key to my recovery and continued vibrant health! She is also just a gem, filled with wisdom, and our sessions always left me feeling amazing and hopeful."
- Liz Carlson
Add Some Video Testimonials
 If you have them.

Self-Care Project 
For Moms Program

Here's Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Self-Care Project For Moms Program

"It's the next best thing to having Lorie as your personal coach!" 
Samantha S.
  • Serenity Series Audio Bundle             (Value $197) 
  • Bonus: Claim Your Power Bundle     (Value $117) 
  • Bonus: Comfort Zone Bundle (Value $117)
  • ​Bonus: Boundary Mastery Bundle     (Value $117)
  • Bonus Freedom Drama Bundle           (Value $117)
  • Bonus: Your A-List Bundle                 (Value $117)
  • ​Bonus: Pillars Of Self-Care Training   (Value $117) 
Total Value For The Serenity Series, Coaching Modules And Training Materials ($899.00)

Now Only $47
~Price Goes Up Dec. 31st, 2020~

Frequently Asked Questions

A Friend Asked Me Why There Was Such A Big Difference Between The Value Of The Program And The Actual Price.
I've been dedicated to creating high-quality coaching programs for a super-affordable price. The way that I'm able to do it is by creating a self-study course like this one. It's designed to help lots and lots of moms, which means I'm able to contribute to positive, lasting changes for many. I get to add value to many more than just providing 1-2-1 coaching sessions.The value for the entire program is the price you'd pay if you were to come see me for in-person coaching sessions covering the topics and processes I share in the program. I still provide 1-2-1 coaching, And now everyone has access this transformational work no matter what their financial situation is.

I already don't have enough time, so how am I going to make time for Self Care Project For Moms?
This program is exactly what will help you make more time for yourself. Remember, nothing will change unless you do, and the sad truth is that time is a non-renewable resource. You're the only one who can choose to make changes. I've designed each module to be short and sweet. You'll be able to dive right in and start putting my supportive exercises and strategies to work. I'll coach you on how to show your family how to provide you with more support. 
I just don't know where to begin. I'm feeling so overwhelmed, but I know I need help
I've removed all the stress out of having to figure out one more thing. I'll guide you through each section, and you'll get tons of done-for-you templates and worksheets that are streamlined, efficient, organized and fun. It'll feel Marie Kondo had a 
hand in it....but she didn't  ; - )
How is this any different than any other online coaching program?
Well, first I'm a mother. I'm also a mom-preneur managing two businesses, and busy family and an aging parent. I've been where you are. I struggled with the same issues. What I bring you is my love of learning, my deep curiosity for how to get quick, solid results and my spunky, stubborn optimism. I've also got a knack for blending leading-edge, self-development strategies into simple, easy steps that get you results. 

 Simple Strategies To 
Get Your Family To Share More Of The Load, So You Can Get Two Extra Hours A Week All To Yourself

Self-Care Project 
For Moms Program

  • Just 15 Minutes A Day ~ Organized And Efficient Training Modules To Save You Time
  • Goldfish-Size Digestible Strategies & Solutions, So You Can Immediately Put Your New Knowledge To Good Use
  • High-End Mental Mastery Coaching Methods And Exercises, Based In Brain Science, To Help You Get Quick Results
  • Templates And Training Help You Delegate, So Your Family Shares More Of The Load
  • ​Lots Of Self-Love & Self-Care Recipes To Rest, Restore & Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Self-Care Project For Moms Program

Here's The Whole Kit And Caboodle-Doodle

Self-Care Project For Moms Program

"It's the next best thing to having Lorie as your personal coach!" 
Samantha S.
  • Serenity Series Audio Bundle   (Value $197)
  • Bonus: Claim Your Power Bundle   (Value $117)
  • Bonus: Comfort Zone Bundle             (Value $117)
  • ​Bonus: Boundary Mastery Bundle   (Value $117)
  • Bonus Freedom Drama Bundle   (Value $117)
  • Bonus: Your A-List Bundle          (Value $117)  
  • ​Bonus: Pillars Of Self-Care Training  (Value $117) 
Total Value For The Serenity Series, Coaching Modules And Training Materials ($899.00)

Now Only $47
~Price Goes Up Dec. 31st, 2020~
Important Disclaimer: General meditation practices and apps are not a replacement for or a form of therapy. This program and the coaching products not intended to cure, treat, or diagnose medical conditions. Meditation & Mindfulness can be a component of an overall treatment plan, when monitored by a healthcare professional. The mindful meditation audios in this program are purely for relaxation support and are not intended as psychological intervention, or as a substitute for professional services. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. If you're in need of psychological help you should seek help from a licensed mental health professional. Please use the audios when you're in a safe space to relax and enjoy. Please do not use audios while driving a vehicle, using heavy machinery or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Consult you physician if you have any neurological or other issues that would prevent you from using these audio products. | Self-Care Project For Moms  is a digital video, audio and PDF file package. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer. The format for all manuals, ebooks, cheat sheets, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. Individual results may vary, because you buying this program doesn't mean it will work as good for you as it did for others. Like all things in life, you’ll get out of it what you put into it, so if you just buy this and never use it, it's unlikely to work for you. | All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions